Top Picks Thursday 06-25-2015

Amazing list of top writing tips and craft topics curated from around the web—and not just because I’m in it (though it certainly does help)!

The Author Chronicles

Summer started off with a bang here in the south Jersey-southeastern Pennsylvania-Delaware region. First we had a heat wave, then a fierce line of storms that knocked out power for many. The forecast for Saturday is rain and temperatures that won’t reach 70. We’re not complaining (too much), however, because we’ve been spared the floods, drought, and fires that are ravaging other parts of the country.

One thing you can do when the power goes out is read, even if you have to use a flashlight or candle. Reading benefits adults as well as children. In fact, P J Parrish asserts that everything she ever learned she learned from potboilers. and wonders if, in our effort to stuff information into kids’ heads, we are leaving insufficient room to let kids develop their imaginations.

Readers can help writers too. Nicole Froio mentions 4 ways readers can help make publishing more…

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