How to Fix “Boring” Writing

Great post on handling the infamous “boring” comment from your critique group or—worse—your editor/agent. Originally published on the writing blog of one of my amazing writing professors at Converse College, Leslie Pietrzyk. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—her blog is spectacular.

Intro below:

I hope you’ve never had someone in a workshop or critique group blatantly declare your work “boring,” but as I know too well, there are many ways your readers can say “boring” without using that word: I lost interest here, the pacing is off, we need more tension, I’m not feeling compelled….and on and on. Yikes.

Here’s a great piece written by one of the members of my fabulous neighborhood prompt group, Joanne M. Lozar Glenn, about what to do if you get the dreaded “boring” scribbled onto your manuscript page. After all, we know it’s better to hear the word from a critique group, right, rather than waiting for the silence of the editor’s eyes slipping away, looking to see what else might be in the stack?

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